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             Program                    Rate                     APR
  30 years Fixed 4.06% 4.25%
  30 years Fixed Jumbo 4.06% 4.25%
  15 years Fixed 2.89% 3.13%
  7/1 years ARM 3.12% 3.28%
  5/1 years ARM 2.92% 3.18%
  5/1 years ARM Jumbo 3.12% 3.28%
  3/1 years ARM 2.62% 2.88%
  Home Equity Loan 3.65% 3.93%
  Equity Line of Credit 3.65% 3.93%
 Loan Programme
1.00% Pay Option Arm Purchase and Refinance owner/occupied w/cash out CALL NOW FOR DETAILS

100% option arm for purchases

100% LTV Stated
HARD MONEY for acquisition and development of residential sub-divisions to entitlement $5M to $40M
100%Investment Properties NOO

The 1.00% "Pick-a- Payment" Mortgage offers flexible payments and allows
you to maintain your monthly liquidity and enhance your cash flow options. A sample of the 4 payment options on a loan amount of $250,000 would be:
Minimum Amount Due $804
Interest Only Mortgage $989
30 year payment $1304
15 year payment $1944
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